ACSR or Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductors proves exceedingly beneficial when it comes to manufacturing overhead power lines. If you are looking for high-quality ACSR conductors, Palriwal Industries Pvt. Ltd. can be your ideal destination. We offer top-notch quality conductors that are capable of delivering the best results. All our conductors are durable and robust. We make sure that each of our products meets the global standards of quality. Never for once we compromise upon the quality and have been serving all our clients with utmost precision and dedication. Our products have got approval from leading entities like PGCIL.

Different Types of ACSR Conductors That We Offer

• ACSR Moose conductor
• ACSR Zebra conductor
• ACSR Panther Conductor
• ASCR Lapwing Conductor
• ASCR Weasel Conductor
• ACSR Rabbit conductor
• ACSR Dog conductor

All these conductors are manufactured as per IS or various global standards. We can customise packing and lengths to cater to the needs and requirements of our clients. Whether you want rabbit conductors, dog conductors, or any other variety, we have got your back!

We Want You to Know a Tad Bit About ACSR Conductors

These are used in transmission as well distribution lines. The outer part of the conductor gets the shield of aluminium, while the inner side gets steel material. Together, they offer extra strength to the conductor. One can apply enough mechanical force over these conductors. The diameter of aluminium and steel varies, depends on the type of ACSR conductor. These high capacity conductors deem very beneficial in making river crossings, installations, overhead earth wires, and so on.

Why Should You Use an ACSR Conductor?

There are definitely certain reasons that will encourage you to use these conductors.

• Conductors such as Lapwing, Moose and Zebra have extreme transmission capacity and are used in high voltage transmission lines.
• They offer high-quality and premium performance consistently.
• All these conductors are quite long-lasting in nature.

Why Should You Rely on Us?

We, at Palriwal Industries Pvt. Ltd., have been manufacturing top-notch quality conductors for many years now. We definitely offer certain benefits that no other company can provide you with.

• Experience: We have multiple years of experience. All these years, while serving our clients, we have learnt the umpteen number of things. All these experiences prove quite handy now and enable us to offer the best to our clients.
• High-End Technology: We always use the latest technology to come up with supreme quality conductors. We rely on advanced technological development to make sure that all our products are flawless.
• Robust Infrastructure: At Palriwal Industries Pvt. Ltd., we have a robust infrastructural setup. Our advanced, well-maintained, and high-end infrastructural set up helps us manufacture the best quality conductors for our customers.
• Cost-Effective Service: We always provide our conductors at reasonable pricing. We never charge hefty rates and always ask for nominal charges for our premium quality conductors.

Get your hands on our premium quality conductors today!

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