LT Aerial Bunched Cables

LT Aerial Bunched Cables

Leading manufacturer of LT Aerial Bunched Cables!

Palriwal Industries is one of the promising LT Aerial Bunched Cables (ABCs) Manufacturers in India. The ABCs that we deal in are ideal for a telecommunication line or electrical transmission systems, suspended between electricity pylons or utility poles. These cables provide reliability and safety compared to other cables.

We, at Palriwal Industries, provide only the best and thus have created repute and become one of the best LT Aerial Bunched Cables suppliers in India.

For distributing power to individual consumers, 1100 volt grade cables are used most of the time by utility service providers like electricity distributing authorities and electricity boards. For the supply of waterworks, farms, transmitters, and other facilities outside urban areas, 10000 volts Grade Cables are used.

LT aerial bunched cables

An LT aerial bunched cable is preferred by many because it provides benefits like reliability, lower power losses, higher safety, and ultimate economy by reducing maintenance, installation as well as operative cost.

The superior system in LT aerial bunched cable is just perfect for rural distribution, especially for installation in difficult terrains such as forest areas, coastal areas, etc.

LT aerial bunched cables are designed, manufactured, and tested conforming to international specifications as well as IS: 14255.

LT PVC/XLPE insulated power cables!

A higher level of system efficiency than exposed overhead lines helps these cables provide protection against line and ground faults. They minimize the problem of free clearance also.

  • Preferred choice in hilly or forest areas as these are easy to install.
  • These are considered pretty safe as they won’t harm you even in case of accidental contacts.
  • Their waterproof system keeps them away from corrosion.
  • Reduced clearance and customer satisfaction

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