Wire Rods

Wire Rods

Aluminium Wire Rod Manufacturers in India

  • Aluminium Wire Rods
  • Alloy Wire Rods – T4 Temper
  • Deoxi Wire Rods for Steel Plants
  • AL59 ALloy Wire Rods for making High Conductivity Conductors

Aluminium Wires Rods

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Premium Quality Aluminium Wire Rods Available at Palriwal Industries Pvt. Ltd.

If you are looking for a trustworthy aluminium wire rods manufacturing company, then Palriwal Industries Pvt ltd can definitely help you out. We offer top-notch quality aluminium wire rods to our highly valued clientele all across the country. Over the years, we have accumulated a huge client base because of our premium quality products that we offer at a reasonable price range. We manufacture all the products by leveraging EC Grade Aluminium Ingots. We never compromise upon the quality, and hence, our products always match with global quality standards. Get your hands on the best quality aluminium wire rodsthat you will ever come across!

Usage of Aluminium Wire Rods –

  • Cable manufacturing also involves the usage of aluminium wires.
  • The electrical distribution & transmission industry also relies upon aluminium rods and wires for making conductors.
  • They are an integral part of various engineering applications.

Why Are We the Best?

We, being one of the leading aluminium wire rod manufacturers in India, offer superior quality aluminium rods and wires. We adhere to the norms and follow the ISO standards while manufacturing the products. All our products have got approval from renowned entities like PGCIL, NTPC, PSTCL, and so on. We aim at offering complete client satisfaction, and hence, we always strive to deliver top-notch results. We have a team that conducts various tests to ensure that each of our products is flawless.

A Tad Bit About Aluminium Rods and Wires

Different industries have been using aluminium rods and wires since the 1990s. Prior to that, people preferred copper wires. All of a sudden, the expenses escalated as the price of copper wires and rods increased. People looked for better alternatives and chanced upon aluminium wires and rods. They are much lighter, more flexible as well as cheaper than copper wires.

Try our top-grade aluminium wires and rods at a cost-effective price range today!

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