Coal Chem Division

Coal Chem Division

Coal Chem Division

Coal Tar Binder Pitch

We, at Palriwal Industries, are the industry leaders in the coal chem division. Our qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced team of professionals makes sure to provide high-quality products such as coal tar pitch and creosote oil. We have developed and supplied a special coal tar pitch and have requisite approvals from the major global graphite and aluminum manufacturers. Our products are specifically made to suit the desired quality specifications of our customers.

Coal- tar pitches!

Coal- tar pitches are mainly used as the binder for aluminum smelting electrodes. Coal tar pitch is a material that is used in roofing materials to strengthen and impregnate refractory brick for lining industrial furnaces. Black varnishes are used as antifouling paints for boats as well as protective coatings for industrial steelwork. It is also used in surface coatings like pipe-coating enamels.

To produce pitch coke, the coke-oven pitch is used. It is then utilized as the carbon component of nipples, electrodes, carbon and graphite articles, as well as carbon brushes. On the other hand, as a binder for foundry cores, hard coal tar pitch is used.

Light & Heavy Creosote Oil and Anthracene Oil!

Anthracene oil is used for insecticides, wood preservatives, and coating materials, while creosote oil is more popularly used for medicinal purposes. Primary commercial uses of light and heavy anthracene and creosote oil are:

  • Wood preservation
  • Fuel Oil for furnace oil
  • Manufacture of Coal Tar Enamel
  • Solvents for paints
  • Manufacture of Carbon Black

Crude Naphthalene

Naphthalene is an aromatic, crystalline, solid hydrocarbon, white, best recognized as mothballs’ primary ingredient.

Impregnated Pitch

Q.I of impregnating pitch is close to 0. It is used during the manufacture of nipples, graphite electrodes, needle coke, and a number of other carbon products

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