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Coal Tar Binder Pitch

Coal Tar Binder Pitch

Coal-tar pitches are used primarily as the binder for aluminum smelting electrodes.

Coal Tar Binder Pitch

Heavy & Light Creosote Oil, Anthracene Oil

Primary commercial uses of these oils are:

1. Fuel Oil for furnace oil

2. Wood preservation

3. Use as Benzol wash oil

4. Phenyl and solvents for paints

5. Manufacture of Coal Tar Enamel

6. Manufacture of Carbon Black

Coal Tar Binder Pitch

Impregnated Pitch

Impregnating Pitch is used during the manufacture of graphite electrodes, nipples, needle coke, and other carbon products. Q.I of this kind of Pitch is close to 0.

Coal Tar Binder Pitch

Crude Naphtalene

Naphthalene is a crystalline, aromatic, white, solid hydrocarbon, best known as the primary ingredient of mothballs.

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